Specific Ideas Research

Task 3.3

3.3 – Collect extensive research around the subject of your final idea

Videos/Tutorials – 

For this, I made a Youtube playlist of videos which I think would be useful for me during the development of the game:

Although some of these videos are 3D modelling videos, I would like to use these instead to help me with making colour pallets and other things outside of 3D modelling.
Some of the most important videos which I will use out of this playlist are – 

This would be useful to help me understand how I can get my Audio to visualize in my game, I’ve already made something like this before in one of my previous game projects, but it’s useful to have a video like this which has done in in a different way to the way I have done it in my game, I like this video because it’s easy to follow along with and the results look amazing.

This video is useful to understand the theory behind audio visualization, this youtuber has made a whole playlist of videos about audio in Unity, and this is an area which really interests me so I’m going to be looking through all of these videos.

This would also be useful in helping me with getting it working in my game, it is another different way of getting it working so I could find ways which are better in this video in comparison to the others, vice versa.

I feel like using this to help me build a city would be really really helpful, since I am not going to be doing all of my own 3D modelling, and I can use something like this to help me make my own city in a few minutes without touching any 3D modelling tools which would give me more time to do my programming, which means I can use this tool and then manipulate it so the buildings move along with the beats.

I’ve also found this video of someone using a 3D modelling tool called Magicavoxel, and I think using this would be I can make some very simple 3D voxel models for my game

Game Mechanics – 

For this, I made a Youtube playlist of videos which I think would be useful for me during the development of the game:

These videos show off mechanics which I feel would be very useful in my game, and here are some of the videos which I think would be the most useful:

Any Synthwave, Outrun or Vaporwave music would be helpful with helping me build a game which is mostly based off of that theme, before this project, I had no idea what Synthwave is, but now that I do know, listening to a few mixes would help me understand the genre more.

This video would help me when making scenery for my game, and it’s good to know that something like this can be achieved in Unity, I would probably end up using shaders to achieve what I need in this.

This is from my Cyberpunk Research playlist on youtube which I made for one of my previous tasks, but looking through that playlist has made me find lots of other videos which would fit in both playlists which would greatly help me as well.

Moodboards – 

Bibliography – 

  • Grid Shader in Unity LWRP – Shader Graph Tutorial (2019) – Unity Guruz
  • Magicavoxel | Creating a 3D Isometric beautiful neon city scene (Speed Art) (2019) – Graphic Vision
  • Rigidbody Jump pad (2017) – Joshua Butler
  • Cybercity – A Synthwave Mix (2018) – Odysseus
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