1.1 Context – Diorama & Level Design

Task 1.1

Collect and annotate primary and secondary research to develop your knowledge of dioramas or level design in concept art, 3D modelling and games design.

What is Level Design? – Level design is the process of creating and designing levels, missions, stages for a video game, usually this would be done using a level editor, which a game development software designed for building levels.

a. Mind Map

Level Design Diorama

This mind map which I’ve made here shows all the different routes you could take with level designs and dioramas (Zoomed in separate routes below)

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b. Mood boards

This is my mood board on Dioramas/Level Designs, this is just a collection of all of them all together, but I have sorted them into their categories.
From looking at these all together, you can see that here, there mostly is building designs and a few environment, this shows that building designs are used more with dioramas, or very small spaces so the focus could be put on one area.


For this board I’ve picked all of the Dioramas which are drawn, whether they be drawn neatly or it’s a messy sketch, these show the detail and the annotation which is put into each drawing, which makes it clear for other people to see what is going to be going on in that level, since the 3D modeler or the programmer or anyone else working on the project has to understand how it all works before they get to further producing it, I’ve put a screenshot below of what I personally think is a good level design for an artist.


For this board, there isn’t too much, but the images I have are very useful for level design, they show the principles which should be followed when making a level, which is very useful in both 3D modelling and Art as well.
Even though this board hasn’t got that many pins, I think it’s the most important one of them all as the game wouldn’t be playable if the basic level design rules weren’t followed.


For this board, I’ve put together all the 3D model pins which I have, a lot of these pins don’t go into lots of detail into annotation, but they have done a diorama, a small chunk of the level in detail, some of these show the process of how they’re made, some of them just show finished shots, overall, I really like the looks of these dioramas, there’s not much on these to do with level design either (Like where the buttons are, pickups are, chests etc)

c. Videos and Tutorials from a selection of sources

I’ve found this article to be very helpful to understand different levels of level design, it clearly illustrates and shows the difference between a good level design and a bad one, although it’s not a video or a tutorial.
Robert Yang (2017) – The Whiteboard Test

This helps you understand the time and effort which can be put into level design, it also helps you understand that you have to use lots of different shapes and that a good level design is realistic.

Matthew Marquit (2016) – Level Design Papermaps

I feel like these videos are very useful to watch if you want to get into level design, Matthew goes into lots of details about what a papermap is, he even explains to us topography, which is the arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area, which will help us greatly when it comes to designing levels which are outside so we can show depth in 2D.

In this archive is hundreds of level design grid paper, which will help us generate ideas for level design.
These designs go into great detail and are good examples to follow from.
tumblr_nhkcb4JtXn1u63bxgo1_1280Killzone 2 (2009) Visari Hammer