3.2 Planning & Creation

Task 3.2 – Planning your Portfolio

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Website Idea1
Idea 1

This idea was inspired by very basic websites, I would have the home page, just showing very basic information and a few pictures to catch the users attention, at the top would be a menu which are the parts of the flow diagram in yellow, the portfolio would redirect to a page split in half with an image of my college work and an image of my personal work and then, you click on either of them and it would redirect you to a page which shows you the programming, art and the 3D art which I’ve done, these would be organised with tags on them similar to Hugo Peter’s portfolio.

Website Idea2
Idea 2

This is my second idea, and I was thinking of making it a lot more flashy and more unique by having the page split in 3 sections, I’m not sure if that’s horizontally or vertically yet, but each of them would be displaying a picture of my programming, art and 3D art, and then once you click on either of those, it would direct you to a list of my work in the section you clicked, the menu will be large at the top, similar to Pixune’s Title and Banner.
But I still take quite a lot of inspiration to Hugo Peter’s portfolio, and will most likely use that to inspire me.

Page Layouts

Website plan

This is my first idea for the home page layout, I think it looks good, since you’re able to see right off the bat my 3 professions and information about them, I like the right idea the most because I think the images sliding up to unveil information about why I do that profession is a good idea, after the image is clicked on, it would lead you to a portfolio of either my art, programming or 3D.
I then attempted to achieve this on Adobe Portfolio.
And I couldn’t, the best I could do is one singular masthead

Task 3.2a – Online Portfolio

After some messing around, I managed to do what I wanted to do, but not exactly as the plan described, never the less, I don’t mind it, I quite like it.
56Each of the images lead to a different gallery/page which is where I would upload my work for each subject to.
I also linked some social media and added a contact page with my email.
On the Art page, I uploaded a gallery of my art work, this isn’t all of it, since I have lots of different art pieces in different files on my computer.

On the programming page, I added 2 images of the logos of the 2 games which I’ve made, these images have a caption summing up the project, and when you click on the image, it brings you to the development blog of the game.

And on the 3D page, I’ve embedded SketchFab to display my 3D models which I’ve made in Rob’s lessons.