2.1 – 2.2 Research – Audience

Task 2.1

Decide on your target audience.

  • Age (age range no greater than 10 years).

7+ – I think this is a good age range to start at since, this is one of the age ratings which children are starting to understand more, not fully, but they have a much more advanced brain to a child of 3 years old for example. 
I’ve also picked this age range because, children at 7 years old would be learning a lot more, they could learn from a game as well.
ISFE – GameTrack Digest (2017)

  • Primary Gender – You MUST Pick 1.

I want my game to appeal to males. The reason why is because, with females, if you’re statistically thinking, they don’t really play too many genres of games, it usually consists of puzzle games, but males are more open to different genres.

ISFE – GameTrack Digest (2017)

  • Location or Social status.

American, British middle-classed. I aim to make a game which is easily accessible, fun, and you’re able to save and put it down within a few seconds, unlike some games, like A Link Between Words where you have to get to a save point before you can quit the game, which means the player would need to only play for long periods of time.

Statistical data 

  • What is their favourite genre?

When picking a genre, I looked at lots of different statistics, like the top brought games of 2018 and the top played genres, this is what I found.

17ISFE Data & Key Facts (2016)

From both of these, I see that people quite like action overall, the top selling games consist of open-world games which have some form of combat in them.

Looking at female statistics, I can tell, the majority of them are the reason why the casual game genre is so high.
ISFE Data & Keyfacts (2016)

I feel like from this information I’ve gathered, some sort of action – combat game would be good for a young male player.

  • What types of films, games and products do they like?

BFI Genre & Classification (2016)

From this, we can see Action is the top genre, but that’s out of all age ranges, if we wanted to narrow that down a bit, we looked at what was the most popular movies for specific age ratings.
BFI Genre & Classification (2016)

From this, now we can more clearly see that, the audience that I’m going toward (7 Year old males) Like movies like Big Hero 6 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
These statistics could help me make a game which children would enjoy playing, it could also help me find a style which I could use.

  • What are their social media tastes?

From this chart, we can see who uses the internet the most, although my target audience isn’t on this chart, I can get a rough idea about how much of 21the next age group uses it.
The information on this page wasn’t too in detail, I didn’t get too much information out of it, so I turned to another site to get my information, that22 being Ofcom.org to get the statistics on the right


ons.gov.uk (2016) Internet Users in the UK

  • What products do they buy?

Children around 7 years of age wouldn’t get a monthly income, they would have to pester their parents to buy something.
Parent’s would watch what their children buy, they wouldn’t want them buying products which aren’t for their age.
They would want to buy them products which are child-friendly.
If a child had some money, they would most likely pick up sweets, or attempt to buy a game which is too old for them.

  • What is their favourite colour?

From this image, I can tell that children within the age group that I want to target like blues and greens, this can be used to my advantage to create a xNXyigame which will appeal to the younger audience.

How to select colours for a target audience based on age?

Task 2.2-

Audience Profile Board.


This is my audience profile board for my chosen audience for my game, 7 year old males.
The games that 7 year olds play are sometimes stuff which they really shouldn’t playing so that’s why I have GTA and RDR2 on the board, Fifa is on there because a lot of young boys like football, I’ve got a younger brother myself so I know that is what he’s into.
Clash of clans is on there because a lot of young children have tablets and phones which they play random games on, it could be any of the apps targeted to children, like Cut The Rope or Pou, there’s lots of them on the market.
For devices they play on, children may have iPads from school which they use to play games, they might also have an older phone, since parents don’t want to splash out a lot of money on an expensive new phone for their child if they’re just going to smash it.
Children of this age range as well will most likely have some sort of console, whether that be an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo. It may not be their own, but they most likely do play it.
These children don’t get much money just given to them unless they’re lucky and have an allowance or birthday and Christmas money. This money usually goes towards useless stuff, like posters, or football boots they will never wear, or books which they could get at the library, or lots of sweets.
7 year olds don’t do much on the internet, and if they are, it’s usually an online video game, watching YouTube or looking at pictures of cats and dogs and memes.