• How has your research influenced the planning and creation of your promotional materials including your UCAS Personal Statement?

My research into skills have made me realize how many jobs there is out there regrading programming, doing my research has made me realize that I would much rather keep art as a hobby, since I didn’t want to lose my love for art by getting a job in it, which is why I researched more into programming, which I’m glad I did, I really enjoy programming and I feel like getting a job in programming would be really great for me.

  • Reflect on your learning and skills – What you have done and why you have done it?

During this portfolio project, I have taught myself how to write code in javascript, and how to use CSS and HTML to make a tool which I can use on the internet, this has also taught me more about how similar some programming languages are to each other, another thing it has taught me is how to interrogate your own programming into discord as a discord  bot.

  • Sum up your ongoing evaluations/opinions/reflections that you documented during the project.

I’ve noticed that throughout time all areas of my work have improved, like how I went from my Lemonade game to my Unit 12 game, and how my drawings have improved a lot by looking at the drawings at the beginning of starting my instagram to now.
I’ve also noticed that I have been focusing on programming now then my artwork, which I would say is good.

  • What Promotional work do you feel has worked well and what did not work well? What could you do to improve your work?

I feel like my participation in game jams have worked really well regarding to promotion, since I’ve been able to see reviews of games which I made with a group of friends, and getting critique for those games helped us understand what could be improved, and then participating in these game jams have also helped me see other games made by other people and help them in return by giving them constructive criticism.
Another way game jams have helped me is the Portsmouth University Game Jam has helped me realize that I want to go to Portsmouth University to do Computer Games Technology

  • Reflect on peer and tutor feedback.