1.1 Skills

Task 1.1a – Strengths & Weaknesses


  • What professional qualities do I have?

I feel like I can present work to a professional standard, I like to make my work look as professional as I can when making it, for example, my art – I try to make it as high quality as I can, same goes for my blog posts, the blog posts I publish to the internet I try to communicate as if the work was professional and as if I have a wide audience – For example: my blog posts for Perennial Garden.
Other professional skills I have include fixing electronics and testing electronics, I got these skills through my time with working at CeX, another benefit this job has given me is I am confident with talking with strangers, especially strangers which are angry! (We get a lot of those)

  • What do I do well?

I feel like I can work efficiently by myself, and produce a whole game to a professional standard by myself, if I had time, time is important, since I would be the only one working on it, I would need time.
Another thing I do well is actually getting my work done and leaning from my mistakes, which has taught me a lot along the way which has stuck to me more.
I also feel like I can learn new things really quickly, and adapt to them, as long as I’m frequently using them.

  • What is the level of my education?

Level 3 Games Development

  • What is my biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement has to be going with my gut, picking a subject which I know I would excel in, instead of picking a common subject like Math or Science for A-Level, I don’t regret anything joining this Games Development course, even though I know it would be harder for me to find a job in this area, I know if I really try like I am now, I can achieve something.
Another big achievement I think I have come by is applying myself to as much as I can so I have more to put on my CV – For example, applying for Game Jams, meeting people in the industry, teaching myself how to repair technology and how to program, I also think another big achievement of mine is staying in my job at CeX, I’ve been working there a long time and that job has taught me lots relating to technology.

  • What personal qualities do I have?

Personal qualities I have include challenging myself when I don’t feel challenged enough, for example, setting myself goals for programming, repairing tech, like fixing handhelds and adding modifications to them, I also create artwork for people and get paid doing so, another quality I have, which I probably wouldn’t call a quality, is editing random videos on YouTube, I like to use Sony Vegas Pro to make videos.


  • What am I bad at?

I’m very bad at 3D modelling, the reason for this is there is lots of little steps you need to take, lots of little things you need to remember, I can make dioramas of 3D stuff, and I can make handmade textures, but overall I am very bad at 3D modelling.

  • What can I improve?

I feel like I can improve with 3D modelling and programming, I don’t really want to pursue with 3D modelling, but since I want to pursue with programming, I think that would be the ideal path to go down for me since I love the challenge of programming. I don’t think 3D modelling would really get me far since I don’t really want to pursue with 3D, but it may be useful to learn just a bit more about it.

  • What are my personal flaws?

I feel as if sometimes I’m just too honest which can get me in bad situations, or I set myself too much of a challenge which would really get me down if I am not able to complete it.

  • What tasks do I usually avoid doing?

I usually avoid 3D as much as I can, if it’s simple 3D – I’m find with it but other then that I avoid using it, another thing I tend to avoid is difficult animations in Unity, since I’m not the best using the animator tool in unity.

  • What are the roots of my failure?

The reason I feel I’m not good with 3D is that I much rather programming, 3D feels to complex for me, whereas Programming is a lot easier, and a better paid job to go after.

Task 1.1a – Strengths & Weaknesses Evaluation

From this task, I’ve learnt that I’m lacking in a lot of areas and I need to improve a lot more, and I also need to work on things, even if I don’t like them, like 3D modelling for example.

Task 1.1b – Skills Audit

Task 1.1c – Personal Development Plan (PDP)