4.1 Portfolio Review

For my portfolio, I feel as if I have quite an equal measure of everything, enough so that I’m comfortable presenting it as it is.

  • 3d Modelling

I know I don’t have a lot of 3D modelling so I plan to upload lots of progress pictures of my 3D modelling to make the page feel more full, and adding the 3D modelling I do in class into the portfolio and the 3D modelling which I’m doing for my Unit 12 game.

  • Programming

To make up for my lack of 3D modelling, I want to produce some programming work outside of games development, just so I can learn a few new things and be more skilled in the languages which I know, I feel if I know and I use different languages, I will understand other languages more, so I want to use programming to make tools which can help me automate tasks. For my programming, I want to learn HTML and Javascript to make a character sheet maker, where, on a website, a person inputs information about a character, and then once they’ve inputted that information, it is fed back to the player over the top of a template as a PDF file.

Another thing which I would like to have a try with programming is making a discord bot, which can randomize a list of strings to output things like a random weather, and a random question to an answer, I would make this using Javascript, and videos to help me with getting discord working with my discord bot

  • Art

I’ve produced a lot of art since I see it more as a hobby, so there isn’t much which I need to do in this category, since I’ve done studies in my own time and character sheets and many different things, so I don’t think I need to add anything to my art section of my portfolio

  • Games Development

For this section I would post all of the completed or current developing games which I am making/made. This would involve all of my Game Jam games with hyperlinks on the image which take you to them and if they’re not uploaded to Itch as a web.gl or they’re not downloadable, there would be a youtube video demonstrating the gameplay.